Mission Statement

At Atlantic Abatement, our mission is to deliver quality work, expertise, and professionalism throughout every facet of our company. We take the utmost pride in our work, to deliver the best service. We are uncompromising in our integrity towards our work, and most importantly to our customers. We don’t take shortcuts, or leave anything unfinished. When you come to Atlantic you can guarantee the job will be done right.

Environmental Remediation


General Construction

Mechanical Insulation

We are the safest, most reliable, professional, and cost efficient construction company in our industry. Our work encompasses asbestos removal, mold removal, lead removal, PCBs removal, demolition, mechanical insulation and construction. With over 50 years of experience within the company we possess the knowledge, and expertise that can't be duplicated by any other firm in our field. The preparation we bring to each job is second to none, and the work we provide is of the utmost quality. We maintain constant communication between all the parties involved in each job, and keep the work flowing steadily, and efficiently. Here at Atlantic we believe that each customer that we have, and attain is apart of our family, and we work to maintain that relationship throughout the years.

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